Pirates Found on Island!

Following up on a report provided by the captain and crew of the “Dancing Dolphin”, the queen’s navy sent a frigate to investigate. On arrival at this small, forgotten island in the middle of the ocean, the crew discovered a group of pirates clinging to branches in the tops of trees. “It was a ridiculous sight!” The captain told us. “A full crew of mean, tough pirates were frightened to tears.”

The captain described the scene to us. “Two dozen monkeys danced around the tree trunks, laughing, and throwing things at the pirates. It was as if they had made a game of it.”

Once the naval crew arrived to take charge of the situation, the monkeys gleefully turned the criminals over to them and scattered into the jungle, but not until one of them bowed to the captain, then giggled as he stole the captain’s hat.

After securing the pirates in jail cells aboard ship, the captain attempted to question them. “It was incredibly difficult to understand what they were saying, especially with all the ‘Arrgs’” the captain explained. “The only things we understood were references to monkeys, snakes, and a young girl named Kris.”

The investigation is ongoing, and we will report more as we get it.

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