The Bully Becomes a Hero!

Dateline, March 2024: Kris & The Missing Prince

A recent visit to the King’s Palace has revealed a very unique member of the King’s staff, who has an even more unique story.  When first entering the palace, you will be greeted by a very kind and considerate young man named Donald, who will be happy to guide you to where you need to go and introduce you to the prince, the queen, or even the King.

He has not, however, always been the kind and considerate young man he is today.  “Just a year ago” he admitted, “I was nothing but a big bully.”  It was difficult to believe, coming from such a friendly boy, but he continued. “I’ve always known I was big and strong, and I always thought I was brave, and believed that was all I needed.” 

I asked him what happened to change things.

“It was all because of a young girl.  Not even a teenager yet.”  He smiled and showed off the straight white teeth, a gift from the King’s dentist.  “I didn’t want to admit it, but she was so brave she made me feel like a coward.  She wasn’t afraid of anything, not even me!”

It seems that after meeting this girl, a girl named Kris, his life changed. “She didn’t even know I was following her at first. I was afraid she would make me go away, but I wanted to learn what made her so special.”

Donald went on to explain how he secretly followed her on her quest through the middle of the dark woods and up into the high mountains. “Finally, after she defeated the evil sorcerer, I had to ask if I could join her and her friends.  Their quest was over, but she talked the prince into letting me come back to the palace with them.”

Once they’d arrived at the palace, Prince Rodney convinced his father the King to give Donald a chance.  From that very first moment, Donald worked as hard as he could to be the perfect greeter, and the nicest person in the kingdom.

This story is proof that even the meanest person in the world can become a great friend!

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